How I Lost Two Children In Three Days – Technician In Viral Video

Esan Oladotun ,the 38-year-old technician who was spotted in a viral video crying after he lost his two children in three days, has narrated how it happened.  Speaking to Punch’s correspondent, he revealed that his sad story began, after his unborn child died in his wife’s womb about two weeks to his delivery. He further revealed that his 13-year-old daughter, Tunmise, a Junior Secondary School 3 pupil of Anointed Academy School. Tunmise died three days after the loss of the pregnancy.“I have been living with Sandra, my wife, for 18 years. We had three children and she was pregnant with our fourth child. I also have a stepdaughter. When the pregnancy was about seven months old, water began coming out of her. We went to see her doctor, and he recommend that she should go for a scan. From the scan, it was discovered that the baby was not in the right position. But the doctor assured us that everything would be fine. But even after treatment, the water was still coming out of her till last Monday, when the water began to smell. By this time, the pregnancy was already about eight and a half months old.“After the removal of the dead child, I could not stand the sight of it, so I asked my mother-in-law and my stepdaughter to take it away for burial,” Oladotun saidFurther narrating how he lost his two children in three days, the technician revealed that it was his late 13-year-old daughter who was preparing for her Junior School Certificate Examination that gave him emotional support when his wife was undergoing surgery to remove the dead baby inside her. He further revealed that Tunmise had been showing some symptoms of malaria and had been taking medication at home. But by Wednesday morning, she began to complain of body pains, especially in the ribs.“At about 4am the following day, Friday, I received a call that my daughter was in distress. She could no longer breathe and was bleeding from her nose, so she was being taken to the state-owned Central Hospital for treatment.“When I arrived at the hospital, I called to know where she was, but was told that she had been referred to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital because there was no electricity at the central hospital. I was told that at UBTH, the doctor demanded money for oxygen and I told them that I would get money from the ATM at UBTH when I arrived there. But on my arrival there, I was told that my daughter had already died.”