How Can One Force His Ex Employer To Pay Pension Contributions In Redundancy?

Good day guys.

Please i need advise from pension experts. I was working with a private contract-based firm until March 2019 when the company became redundant (the company went out of business as it’s sole contract with a client firm was terminated). Now the issue is that my former company deducted about 10 months pension contributions from our salaries but failed to remit it to our PFAs. Before the redundancy, we asked severally about the deductions and they promised to pay. Out of fear of job loss, i and my colleagues didn’t write pencom.

Now, the company is out of business, and our pension deductions were not paid as they promised. I s there something that Pencom can still do to make them pay? Or should we forget the money? It’s painful how employers are exploiting employees at any given chance because there are little jobs out there.

Funny enough, the owners of the company secured another contract with another client firm in a different region of the country and registered a new company to undertake the operations of the new contract. Isn’t that corporate yahoo yahoo?

Can something still be done to get our money?

Can you guys help?