How To Get Your Man To Be More Romantic

be more romantic

Being a romantic isn’t something that’s taught in school. So it makes sense that not everyone has this skill. If it’s important to you that your man does something sweet and swoon-worthy from time to time, be ready to do what you can to make it happen.

There are ways to encourage your man to be more romantic. So instead of feeling like that aspect of your relationship needs isn’t being met, wear your big girl panties and do something about it.

be more romantic

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Take the lead

It’s unfair to make demands of your partner that you’re unwilling to fulfill on your end as well. So when it comes to being romantic, take the first step. Take your man out on a surprise date, buy him something super special or write him a heartwarming poem. The goal is for him to see how it feels when someone does these little things.

Appreciate his effort

A man who loves you may find other ways to show how much he cares. Just because he isn’t doing exactly what you want doesn’t mean you should disregard his other efforts. He may not write you a sonnet but if he takes the time to text you every day, for instance, give him some credit.

be more romantic

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Talk about it

How do you encourage your man to be more romantic? Tell him what you like. Talk about the things that make the butterflies in your belly flutter. Romance means different things to different people. So instead of putting him through all the guesswork, be up front. You prefer flowers to chocolate? A fancy dinner rather than a musical serenade? These are the things he needs to know.

be more romantic

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Be excited when he tries

So you tell him you love it when he surprises you by preparing your favorite meal. And then he gets the recipe wrong. Be excited about it anyway. You can work out the kinks some other time. When he sees your face light up with every step he takes to be more romantic, he will be willing to keep trying. So squeak if you must, give him a tight hug and let him know you’re over-the-moon about what he did.

You can also learn a lot from these tips that show you how to be more romantic without being cheesy.

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