How To Make Money Doing Podcasting In Nigeria

Starting a podcast is something people see as a huge task. In this article, I’m going to walk you through every stage of how launching my own podcast changed my life, from planning to publishing.

If you decide to jump into podcasting – or just want to get your feet wet – there is a guide on my bio on how to start a podcast from scratch, for basically free.

The free yet valuable guide is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to start a podcast and why you should create a podcast for your business.

If you’ve already tried several ways of sharing content beyond written words, then a podcast might just be your next best move.

Everyone in life has one thing or the other that changes their life for the better. Some could be connection or relationship with one person or the other.


What is a Podcast?
Before I tell you how starting a podcast changed my life and how it can change your life, let me tell you a little about a podcast.

A podcast is an episodic audio or video file that people listen to on the internet or download to listen to. It could either be audio or video. One of the popular podcasts in Nigeria is the Pulse Podcast.

A podcast could be on a variety of topics just as a blog. However, the major difference is that podcast is not read; it’s listened to or watched.


How Podcast Changed Life

Learning: Podcast is a great opportunity for me to learn. I have learned more by listening to podcasts and by producing my own podcast. In fact, I learn new things every day. If you are the type that doesn’t really like reading, this would be an avenue for you.

Overcome Fear: You want to overcome fear? A podcast is a good way to start with especially, the fear of going on air or facing the public. Before I started podcasting, I had this fear of going on air, what people would say about my voice, etc but starting podcasting helped me overcome this daily.

Invitation to Speak: Podcast has opened opportunities for me to be invited to speak in the public ranging from MC, Whatsapp Conferences to live shows. It’s a good way to expand your visibility.

Connection: Apart from the invitation to speak at events, podcasting is a great way to connect with great people both in Nigeria and beyond. I have made a couple of friends from Nigeria and abroad via my Charity Connect Podcast.

Make Money: With a podcast, I have made over $2000 in just less than 2 months of starting it. You can also make money via podcasting. This could be through advertisement, sales of products, helping others start their podcasts, to mention a few.


3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Your Podcast

In this age where multitasking is the order of the day, people prefer listening to a podcast than reading. This is because podcast allows them to do other things while listening to a podcast at the same time.


Less Competition

No doubt that podcast is fast growing but there are far fewer podcasts than blogs. According to Smart Passive Income, there are 200,000 active podcasts while we have 19 million active blogs.

However, there are 98 million people listening to podcasts while 409 million people view more than 23.7 billion pages each month ( only).


Quick Steps To Start Your Podcast
Think about what you want to podcast on
Jot points down
Record the podcast
Upload online
Share with friends


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