How To Start Bead Making Business (Practical Tips)

Most people who are into the business of bead making today and are making much money out of it probably ventured into it because of unemployment or because they just had an interest in acquiring the skill. But today, they have a different story to tell. Beads have become a trending part of our fashion and lifestyle. It has become one of the means by which people (especially women) express themselves. Thereby providing an opportunity for a lot of people to build a successful career in bead making.

One advantage of going into bead making is the fact that you don’t need to have a specific location before you can start the business. You can start making beads from your home all you need to do is get clients that you will sell to. You can do this for as long as it takes until you are able to get a suitable location for your business.

Another benefit is that you can actually start the business with as low as ten thousand naira (N10,000) only. If you are going to be making the beads from your home, you will only be spending money on getting the materials. The cost of getting the beads, lines, hook and stoppers for making one bead may cost you a minimum of two hundred naira (N200) only. But, after making the bead, you can sell it for a minimum of one thousand naira (N1000). That’s about 80% profit margin. Now, consider if you buy these materials in bulk. How many beads you would make and how much money you would be making.

You should take note of the following if you want to start a business in bead making:

Am I naturally creative? Do I have a talent for bead-making? Do I have a passion for it? These are questions you should ask yourself before deciding to go into the business of bead-making. Even if you have already learnt bead making as a skill, you still need to be creative on your own in order to make beautiful designs with your beads. While passion can take anyone through anything, it can keep you creating new and beautiful styles with your beads that will distinguish you and what you do in the market.

Get The Skill

This will come after you have confirmed that you have a talent/passion for bead making but have not acquired the skill. Professionals in bead making have training centers where they teach people the art of making beads. You can attend one of such training centers or meet with someone who has the skill and ask to be trained. Talent alone can not suffice. You need to acquire the skill as well.

Get Clients

When starting your business, another thing you will need to do is to source for clients. You can start from your neighborhood and your church by making sample beads and showing them to people that you know may be interested. By so doing, you will get to know their interests in fashion and style, the kind of beads they like to wear such as wire-works, glass beads and so on. Then you can make beads to suit their needs.

Expand Your Knowledge

After you have started the business, don’t be contented with the fact that you have the skill and the creativity alone. Try to know trending fashions and styles. Know what types and designs of beads people are wearing currently. Take note of the fact that the styles and designs of the beads you make can also be determined by the kind of occasion a person is attending. Always try to know what occasion your customer is attending or what they need the bead for so as to know the suitable design to make for them.


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