How To Start Eggs Supply Business To Shops In Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian looking for something to do as business or you just graduated from the college and you are still waiting for that white collar jobs in Nigeria where you can knot tie and put on that corporate suit and jacket everyday? Well let me introduce you to a business that is fast yielding profit, not just a little one but profit that you can conveniently rely on. This business I am talking about is eggs supply business.

Eggs supply business is very lucrative and you can determine what you want your profit to look like. Before we analyze the potential profit of this business, let us know the advantages and uses of eggs to see the reason the business of eggs supply is booming.

With N80,000, you can buy over a hundred crates of eggs. So imagine buying a crate of egg for N650 or less from farm and you sell each crate for N700, calculate how much you’ll make from over 100 crates.

If you do it twice a week, you might be going home with a profit of N15,000 to N20,000 every week.

What then do you need to make this money? You really don’t need much apart from the vehicle which takes almost 90% of your capital, every other tools won’t cost you N20,000.


1. Get your own vehicle
Rather than having a point of sale where buyers come to buy the eggs, it is more profitable if you make it mobile by taking it to the doorsteps of customers who buy it in large quantities. Some of the farmers who sell eggs take it to the shops and stalls of their customers in the market.


2. Identify your target market
There is no point in producing any product or service if you can’t identify or locate your target market.

As for egg business, it is important you identify a highly populated marketplace. Find egg merchants and introduce your business to them. Once you know where and whom to distribute your eggs to, you will only need to start supplying them as soon as possible.


3. Get other working tools
Apart from a having a van or any other vehicle you can use to distribute the eggs, crates are the major tools you’ll need for this business.

You can get one hundred pieces of paper or plastic crates for N5,000 or N10,000 respectively. The total number of the crates you’ll need however depends on the volume or quantity of eggs you are distributing to your customers.

Source: Pulse Nigeria


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