”I am a fulani man, I hardly forgive anyone that offends me” – Suspect arrested for killing neighbor tells Police

Garba Maru, pictured above, who was recently arrested for killing his neighbor, Umar Mohammed at their home in Kokani Village, Fulani Camp, New Bussa in Borgu Local Government Area of Niger state, has told the police that he used an axe to kill Umar because he offended him and as a Fulani man, he doesn’t know how to forgive people.According to police report, one Hassan Mohammed had gone to the police station to report that the deceased, who was his elder brother, was in the market when the suspect and one Dan-Muzua asked him to come back to their camp. When Umar returned home, Garba and his accomplice engaged him in a fight and allegedly killed him. They used an axe to inflict deep cuts on Umar’s body and he died from excessive bleeding.When interrogated, Garba told the police he has had accumulated bitterness towards the deceased.“I’m a Fulani man; I hardly forgive somebody that offends me. I will always remember and I’m ready to kill the person at any given time. I am such a person, if you wronged me in January and I see you in December, I will retaliate,” Maru statedConfirming his arrest, the spokesperson of the state police command, Muhammad Abubakar, said Garba would be arraigned in court soon. The post ”I am a fulani man, I hardly forgive anyone that offends me” – Suspect arrested for killing neighbor tells Police appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Since you don’t know how to forgive then you will face the wrath of the law.

  2. the only option left for u is also to be killed

  3. Look at him very rough, saying he can’t forgive anybody that offend him then let him go and face the power of the law. Idiot fellow.

  4. So shall the dead angel stop at your own place

  5. Hope you will be killed too? Animals

  6. He that’s live by the sword dies by the sword

  7. that is how Fulani people behave but Nigeria is keeping them quite that’s why they are still misbehaving

  8. if you no forgive someone God will not forgive you

  9. This is mere foolishness and ignorance

  10. He is a devil in human flesh

  11. Just kill this foolish man

  12. Garba Maru, have be killed as well

  13. You have unforgiving spirit and it will kill you.

  14. And it has land you to problem

  15. this is bad of him

  16. That is how they bring them up

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