I Go Dye Writes An Open Letter To President Buhari, Asks Questions

In what was a constructive criticism, Comedian I Go Dye has penned an open letter to President Muhamamdu Buhari, hoping he will intervene on the societal redress that will benefit the people of Nigeria.

Nigerian comedian, motivational speaker and social crusader, Francis Agoda popularly known as I Go Dye, has taken to his Instagram page to write an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The comedian who said that he is acting in his capacity as the ambassador of a movement called Make a Difference Against Corruption Today (MADACT), posed some questions to the number one citizen of the country.
The questions revolved around embezzlement of public funds, corruption, poor medical amenities, unemployment, hunger and so on.

See his full post below:

Your Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari
As madact Ambassador on make A Difference Against Corruption Today, it has expanded my passion to speak.It saddens my heart that after 58 years all sectors of our social and economic lives has been plunged in failure.

Over the years,millions of graduates continue to wade through trying times,while youths with creative artistry,artisans and our young women have been denied the true values of nationhood,self esteem has been destroyed,many weep and sleep on a daily basis without a meal
Sir, the funds recovered from looters in the past fews years of your government is 739 billion Naira, Abacha recovered returned loot is 322,000,000 dollars equivalent of 112billion naira Totalling 851 billion naira.

Why was the Abacha returned loots shared? Who are the beneficiaries? Why wasn’t the returned and recovered loots used to finance some of the basic social problems like electricity, repairing our refineries and creating jobs for our youths, build a world class hospital that can reduce the travelling expenses of Nigerians travelling abroad for medical treatment?

Sir, if our hospitals were well equipped, you won’t be involved in foreign trips for medical check ups. When you eventual leave office, which hospital would be standard enough to offer you this services and to other Nigerians?

Who are the looters that returned the said amount ? How come they are not facing criminal charges or being jailed? How come politicians alleged with 232 billion naira cases of corruption are working for your re-election? Is it Only those that are with you, that are the presumed saints?
Your Excellency, our budgets for the last 3 years of your government 2016 (6.07 trillion),2017 (7.298trillion, )2018 (9.12 trillion)

Total 22.488 trillion naira, yet we do not have access to ordinary clean water, with escalated hunger in the land.
In 2015, Nigerian was ranked 3rd among the poorest nations index but today in 2018, Nigeria is now ranked number number 1 people living in poverty in world overtaking India .That is why Nigerians are complaining.”

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  1. Ah! This I go die have spoken the mind of so many Nigerians wallahi, I wish he’ll have a re-think

  2. Good criticism ,I love this

  3. Thank you and God bless am so in love with this piece

  4. This is so lovely

  5. I love that, he is very bold

  6. I love his courage

  7. What a bold step

  8. Over to u Mr President….well said I go dye

  9. Nice move..its about time someone told mr president what he needs to know..

  10. this is a good development

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