Ian Luebbers death: What happened to Ian Luebbers?

Ian Luebbers death: There are reports that Ian Luebbers have passed. On his Instagram page, fans have left RIP messages.

Ian Luebbers death

Ian Luebbers death: What happened to Ian Luebbers?

At the moment, there is no official confirmation about Ian Luebbers death.

Read touching tributes in memory of Ian Luebbers as seen on his Instagram page below:

From Simona Lavender:

R.I.P Ian. caoimhe will always love u from the top and the bottom of her heart❤️❤️

From Casey Belcher:

Rest in peace…. this is the most shocking thing💔💔 you didn’t deserve to go🥺😭 forever in my heart!

This is a developing story.

We will be bringing you more updates about Ian Luebbers, Owen Luebbers as we receive it..

Ian was last active on his Instagram page on April 19, 2019.

His last post read:

Why I’m going silent at this year’s World’s
Why do we do this? Why do we Irish dance?
Is it for trophies? Is it for cups? Is it for the praise we get from our dance teachers?
Or are those all pretend reasons?

Is the reason for some that they are afraid of silence… of being ignored… of being alone… of doing something outside of the norm.
We each began as little boys or girls who fell in love with Irish dancing by sitting in silent awe… who saw something furious beyond words that lit them on fire once and forever.

Sometimes we just need a spark.
If you stand outside the norm with me, and are willing to rebel for the sake of that child, I want you to do something with me.
I want you to be silent for the whole day tomorrow.

From the first round to the last set.
I mean dead silent. Don’t say anything. Just do it. Just go completely silent on everyone.
Watch every moment in silent awe.

If someone speaks, put a finger to your lips. Send them this post and say, “Join me.”
Be as still as the night. Be as calm as the darkness. And let’s enjoy the perfect beauty within each dance.

Behind the chaos there is stillness. Behind the noise there is beauty. Silence is furious bliss.

There is a place beyond words where everything in Irish dancing makes sense.
I’ll meet you there, if you join me in silence.
I will be leading the silent resistance.
I claim perfection in all dancers.

If you want to join, comment and say; “I am the fury of the night.” Send it to your friends.
The more people the more fun we have.
We’ll all be alone together in silence.
We’ll all enjoy the dancing for its own sake.

In one day we can make Irish dancing new.
We can resurrect the child within by Easter.

There are those in Irish dancing who make noise about nothing and there are those lead in silence. Tomorrow I will be leading the side who chooses silent awe for all dancers.

Choose your side. I’ll watch you in silence.
I am the fury of the night.


Ian out.

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