Icerberg Slim Spotted With A New Lady, Ivy After Dumping Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-boyfriend Iceberg Slim spotted with new lady identified as Ivy, few months after the former lovebirds confirmed their separation on social media.

Icerberg Slim spotted with new lady, Ivy
Though fans of the duo have had to come to terms with the split, many did not anticipate that Iceberg Slim would move on already – Though it isn’t certain yet if he is dating the new lady.

It was gathered that the excited Ivy shared photos of herself and Iceberg with the love emoji via her Instastory as she thanked him for the fun she had during an outing.

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  1. That guy doesn’t know what he wants

  2. Its your life dear

  3. Life must go on..on to the next one…no dulling.

  4. That’s his choice of living.

  5. This is what he wants the money is der so what else

  6. His life, his decision

  7. This is a good news

  8. My brother life goes on

  9. No waste of time life goes on

  10. Make sure you are with the right one this time around

  11. it normal,thats how life of a celebrity goes

  12. Celebrities and their lifestyle

  13. That’s life for you

  14. This might be a pose. You can just go to a place, see a celebrity and take a snap. Oya look, Iceberg isn’t smiling, his face is like lemme just snap.

  15. Am confused who dumped who?

  16. Life have to continus despite the pains of breskup

  17. That’s a celebritys life what do you expect.

  18. Man gets to move on.

  19. That is the problem of advertising your relationship on social media

  20. Brother,what happened to your ex?Remember that there is God.

  21. Celebrity dating is not safe always end up in heartbreak

  22. the right thing is to move on

  23. Life goes on

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