IK Ogbonna reacts after wife flashed finger without wedding ring

Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna and his wife Sonia are currently enmeshed in a seemingly marital crisis. His wife flaunted her finger without wedding ring yesterday and this was coming days after she was spotted with a strange man.

Taking to Instagram this afternoon, the Nollywood actor who shares a son, Ace with the Colombian beauty posted this photo of himself and wrote:


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  1. Z normal he reacts

  2. I like his style, no time, she posted a picture without a wedding ring, he post a picture of himself… life continues you don’t need to crack your head open because you have marital issues

    1. Life is too short to be depressed

  3. It was good he reacted so she can be corrected

  4. Even without the ring everyone knw she is his wife so by stress urself over little issues but is gud he react cous himself is always with his ring

  5. Divorce is the order of the day now in the entertainment industry

  6. Hmmm that y one should pray to marry right, to avoid marital crisis

  7. hope it will come out of this hell but for a lady to flaunt fingers without her usual ring, then e don jam rock and is coming back no more

  8. Too bad she did that but it sents a bad report of their relationship

  9. Too bad of her

  10. I may not know why she did that so I can question her

  11. Im sure she forgot she’s married and its not her fault

  12. she doing her self no time

  13. It is well my brother.thank go everything is settled

  14. We all make meanings out of little things

  15. This can be so painful oh

  16. They do nit like putting on their wedding ring again.

  17. That’s true. No serious relationship without trials

  18. What a exactly is between these couples

  19. That’s shows there is something behind the marriage

  20. Marriage problems

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