IMPORTANT NOTICE: Advertiser no longer accepts comments that are not good quality.

Good morning great Earners,

We just got a note from our advertiser.

They will no longer accept comments that are not of good quality.

If you drop a comment on their site that is not of good quality, they will reject it and you cannot earn.



Please take note of this. We are looking for one more member with good quality comments on our advertiser’s website to award the final N1000 from our giveaway.

If you believe your comments are good quality, drop your username below so we can check your comments out.

Also remember that – IF YOU CLICK TO EARN when you DID NOT COMPLETE THE TASK, system will automatically deduct money from your earnings.

For examples of comments that are good quality, please read these ones made by fellow winners on our advertiser’s website.




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  1. We know that already

    1. It’s has Been notified already

  2. Of course , am doing that

  3. Me don change already

  4. We will try our best

  5. We are trying

  6. Will try to put in more effort in the way I make comments

  7. We Will try as much as possible to make a tangible and understandable comments based on the post

  8. We will try to deliver more quality

  9. I am doing that already!

  10. Glodan2013

  11. Hurray Getpaid is Bea I have gotten my bonus oooooo i want more i don zoom off

  12. Check mine, I always give reasonable comments. Coz I love reading alot. Jaceeho1

  13. Am trying although am not d one to judge shall.

  14. Am always trying to do my best on commenting…but I guess I have to put more effort

  15. We will all amend with immediate effect

  16. Abdulkareem KhadhaM

  17. Bright1999

  18. OK, we heard you advertisers

  19. OK. I will improve my comments writing

  20. We will try and amend

  21. Off course I already know but please let the story lines be captivating too

  22. I have and will always give quality comments its not my nature and it’s off the course

  23. Ofcourse we read before commenting

  24. Zaynb Bello Alaba
    I read before comentig but put more effort

  25. MARVIS Ichipi

  26. K no problem

  27. Have dropped a good constructive comment on this site

  28. I have changed, and l always drop good comments

  29. Will always do that

  30. I will do just that

  31. I will try, even if it means commenting with a dictionary beside me

  32. alright, we try our beat

  33. Yeah know that already can’t write comments without reading the content

  34. Will abide by the rules

  35. My comments on news is always good and okay, I don’t make mistakes

  36. It’s well noted.

  37. OK I will be trying to read the all the story before commenting

  38. Doing what you want is why we are here. Corrections will be made.

  39. i have heard it before.

  40. I am doing just that

  41. Alright then that’s nice to hear. We will make sure that we drop relevant comments

  42. OK we will try our best

  43. I will adhere to the rules guiding this platform inorder fore to earn well.

  44. Ok.. We will all abide by it

  45. OK we will do our best

  46. ok well noted

  47. We have taken correction

  48. Noted and correction taken

  49. Then the content determines the kind of comment u get,,,when u post something that isn’t relivant,but because people want to make money ,they will drop anything just for their earning to increase,,am new here though.

  50. Noted alright

  51. Please notify me if the comment is not accepted and what next to do instead of to continue and not earning anything it’s discouraging

    1. Which one is important the comments or reading

  52. that’s cool,I will try and be making my comments meaningful

  53. cool,will make cool comment

  54. It is noted, I must do that so that I will not give the wrong information

  55. Yetunde give a good comments because I know the important.

  56. Highly required and adoption should be immediate

  57. We know that cause we where told not to give unreasonable comments

  58. noted will do just as you said..thank you

  59. Me
    Elizabeth001 please

  60. Kazeem adewole, a lot adjustment will be done on that

  61. I will put all my efforts

  62. I will put on my best more on how to give reasonable comments…based on what is been said..thanks

  63. That’s fine I will do just that, it is better

  64. We have already been notified,,as for me I make quality comments

  65. It is noted

  66. Trying my best

  67. We will try for the good of get paid

  68. In as much as you’re trying to make things work out for us, I am equally trying to make sure I reciprocate that gesture by doing the needful.

  69. Am always on track

  70. I understand now.

  71. My comments are of quality…. wills82

  72. OK noted sir

  73. will do that immediately

  74. am happy to be here

  75. Yes sir
    Noted and again thanks for this platform hope I get it right

  76. Onwunaruba Chigozie Elizabeth

  77. Thanks Sir,I have take the correction

  78. Noted,the corrections will be followed

  79. We know that already

  80. Awesomely awesome development

  81. I love all these examples, it will surely guide me through my tasks

  82. The corrections will be followed thanks

  83. Thanks for the update

  84. Reading all the information will help educate us more

  85. I really want to improve on my comments so that i can give reasonable and well constructed comments on news updates.

  86. Thanks a great idea

  87. That’s great

  88. I know it before

  89. Due process,sole of

  90. festus366

    Due process is the soul of business

  91. Getpaid is gud nd best

  92. Well noted and understood.

  93. I believe I make quality comments, here’s my username-Chiamaka40

  94. My comments are good. Username -bamvik

  95. I think my comments were good

  96. I think my comments are good , username – bamvik

  97. Want to be a member on your advertisers website. Check out my comments.
    Username: chinyelu.

  98. getpaid is the best

  99. Get paid is the best

  100. obentenyson

  101. Am given it a try

  102. I hope it as they said

  103. The process that they gave don’t you people think is difficult by because for me I guess it could have been more better if they give a provision where to put down your bank account information or details like your name,your, phone number, your address, your bank name,your account name, and account holds name so when ever is due to withdrew they will just rown it in to your account or transfer it into you with out taking more time I guess it will be easier like that so what do you people think about it?

    1. Hello Alex,
      how we make payments is very simple:

      we check how many comments you made on advertiser’s website. After that we check how many sponsored posts are on your facebook. for number of comments you made, we multiply by N3, for sponsored posts, we multiply by N50

      whatever the total is, we pay you.

      Withdrawals are on Thursday and that’s when we ask for your bank details.

  104. From the introduction of it sounds cool

  105. am a new member thank you for the information

  106. Then what of the issue of you people the said that is a most to have 2 or me more people to referral that is compulsory even doo the person completes the task given with out been some once referral because of for me is OK by me I do my normal task success successfully like posting comments advertising and clicking because know one force or convinced me to join that is it and we have many people like that some people will be asking before joining have you been paid how sure are that is real are you the finder or the owner since am not any of all that they are saying what do you people except me to do or answer them and I have not even rach the minimum withdrew at list to clear them and mark so understand so is it not better for me or for many of us like that more to come from our task for us to keep it focus on our task

  107. Sir will try my possibly best to make u people happy

  108. That will be better offer for all of us,he will pay us good indeed.

  109. Getpaid is trying but they should try more

  110. And they should add more money to the tasks

  111. Like advertising and comment and even clicking they should add more money to it

  112. Yes ooo they shld ooo

  113. Add more money to the task like we that don’t have referrals pls

  114. Happiness comes with a price tag. If you are smiling, you have already paid for it in past.Collins4real

  115. God will help us all

  116. We already know that

  117. M so glad to be part of this Wonderful platform, We learn and Earn…. Getpaid,,,,
    if I know do getpaid. wetin I go do

  118. Get paid on top by God grace

  119. From the introduction of it sounds cool

  120. And they should add more money to the tasks

  121. Getpaid is reAl

  122. Trying my best

  123. We will try our best to stick to your rules

  124. This platform is really helping me stay updated in everyday happenings. Am trying to make quality comments

  125. Good story has a way of motivating quality comments and I believe Getpaid is trying

  126. Am trying really hard to make reasonable comment

  127. I will put in my efforts in this work. Thank u so much adviser

    1. Ok, we are putting more efforts

  128. Username Enebless
    Gmail enencheochefeje8
    Please check my comments

  129. Am keeping to the rules as well

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