It’s time for women to celebrate themselves

Its time for women to celebrate themselves
Have you seen MAGGI’s new ad? It’s best you watch it before you continue reading. Now that you’ve watched it, you’ll realize that this ad is different from all cooking ads you’ve seen. We’re used to scenarios where people are brought up to think a woman’s place is in the kitchen and whenever that narrative is challenged, people become upset. The truth is a woman’s place is not only in the kitchen, a woman’s place is anywhere she wants to be. And wherever it is she decides to be, she’ll make a difference there, because it’s the power of a woman’s touch. We like how well the MAGGI ad brings this to life because we see the woman in all these scenarios where she’s taking on roles happily and succeeding in them. We also like how the ad points out that everyone the woman comes in contact with is happy to be around her. Through the ad, which is part of a new campaign, MAGGI is calling on women all over to celebrate the difference they make using the hashtag – #SheMakesADifference on social media and we can’t agree with them more. The post Its time for women to celebrate themselves appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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