I’ve Ordered EFCC To Ensure Funds Recovered From Looters Don’t Get Back To Them – Buhari

President Buhari says he has given an ordered to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to ensure that monies recovered from looters do not find their way back to the looters.

President Buhari said this when he received members of the Christian Association of Nigeria
(CAN), led by its President, Samson Ayokunle, at the State house in Abuja. He said that he has ordered that every recovered money should be kept in a dedicated account.

“It is on record that some cases initiated by the anti-graft bodies since 2003 are yet to be concluded. We will, however, not be discouraged. Where monies have been recovered, such monies will not find their way back to the looters as I have directed EFCC to account for every money it has recovered and put them in a dedicated account.” President Buhari said

Speaking on the 2019 general elections, President Buhari told the Christian leaders that he has assurances from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that the polls would be free and fair, noting that he has been a victim of ‘fraudulent elections’ and beneficiary of a free and fair election in the past.

“When I decided to put on this Agbada to see what the people are seeing in it, I tried three times, 2003, 2007 and 2011, but the fourth time, in 2015, I succeeded.

We thank God and technology in the form of Permanent Voter’s Cards (PVCs) and card reader because what they used to do was to look at constituencies, award the votes and then they will say whoever didn’t agree should go to court. When people are looking for what to eat, where do they have the money to go to court to pay the SANs?” President Buhari said

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  1. Nice one president Buhari. U are d only uncorrupt politician

  2. I dont trust his assurance

  3. Since he said the money is not going back to the looters, then where is the money going to? Buhari ought to be specific where the funds will be diverted to

  4. Lets watch and see

  5. For Nigeria!!if I hear… Okay Mr President if u ordered it not to be returned.. We’re will it be taken to? U said dedicated acct.. Hmmmmmmm

  6. Hmmm.. Where will it be taken to, Mr president should specify

  7. Yes, it wouldn’t get back to them…. Where are the funds… Bring the money recovered from the looters and use it to develop the country.

  8. this is a good information

  9. When the money is kept in a dedicated account, it should be used for Nigerians bikonu.

  10. Good information

  11. That’s what they always say
    Yet we don’t see the use of s funds

  12. But who takes these money they do recover and what have they been doing with the recovered loots. Nigeria self

  13. Where is the money now going to?……Because is not used for development…please you guys should stop decieving urself

  14. I don’t know what to say about our president because everyday they come out with different news.

  15. Then what have they done with the loots recovered

  16. Is okay,let watch ND see

  17. I wonder where the monies are going to since we are not seeing it

  18. Is a Good thing that it is not going back to them, but where exactly will it go?

  19. haba. Its not enough to just order o. Do something tangible with it let Nigerians see

  20. Our president is a lier Don’t mind him,he is looking for his pocket

  21. I pray this is real…

  22. Great.that is if is true cos we find it hard to believe our politicians cos we all know why

  23. Nigeria people

  24. That is politics

  25. Alright but my question is WHERE ARE ALL THE RECOVERED LOOTS so far been kept.

  26. My dear sister IFEYINWA please help me ask them.
    The trillions of naira the have recovered were is it because the thing baffle me.

  27. More elbow EFCC, together we fight looters and recover all they have stolen

  28. Good one Buhari

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