Javiera Suarez fallece: How Javiera Suarez dies of cancer

Javiera Suarez fallece: Javiera Suarez died June 12 2019 at 3:35om after battling cancer for more than three years.

javiera suarez fallece

The journalist and television host had been admitted to the Clínica Alemana, where she received palliative care.

Announcing Javiera Suarez death, the institution said in a statement:

“We regret her departure and accompany his family.

Javiera Suarez fallece: Javiera Suarez dies of cancer at 36

36 year old Suárez experienced a long process of treatments and exams to overcome stage 4 cancer that was detected in March 2016, when she was six weeks pregnant.

Suarez decided then that she would opt for the least invasive treatment to fight the disease, so as not to affect the pregnancy.

However, the cancer subsequently spread to her bones and liver, which involved a series of new chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

During this long battle, Suarez became a symbol of overcoming and strength to face the serious illness. On several occasions she had appearances in various media sharing her experience and the lessons she learned along the way.

“My head, my family and Pedrito and my faith in Jesus, the Virgin of Miracles and Saints … I pray for a life over 80 years with my husband and together we can see our son grow up. Amen,”

At the beginning of last May she made a trip with her husband, to recover “energy and strength”.

Although she had a positive period during the end of 2017, when the tests showed that her cancer was under control, in April 2018 she commented that her illness was continuing and that she would start a new treatment process.

In January 2019, Javiera told her followers that she should continue the battle against cancer because her body still had “active melanoma foci”.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.


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