Jennifer Lopez Pictured Wearing Drop-Waist Trousers With Tailor-Made Thong On Set

Singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, caused a stir as she arrived on the set of her latest music video in a bizarre outfit on Thursday.

The 49-year-old singer was pictured rocking drop-waist trousers with a tailor-made thong peeping out the top. She also donned a white crop top with the matching skimpy gray underwear and pants.

Lopez who had a pair of black heels on accessorized her look with a bevy of heavy gold and silver chains around her neck and wrists.

See more photos below;

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  1. Lol… Nawa ooo… Which kind trouser is this. This 49 year old woman thinks she’s still very young

    1. she’s a celebrity

  2. Lol God of mercy! What is this

  3. I love the outfit, it looks good on her

  4. I believe she’s a mother….this is the total act on indecency..

  5. She’s a celebrity so I’m always expecting that and lots more

  6. I think she needs someone to remind her that she is 49 years old.

  7. Nawa oooo, I just dey laugh here

  8. This is another new fashion in town

  9. Keep slaying mama

  10. It looks good, I like it

  11. What kind of fashion is this

  12. Before you know now, our girls wil start wearing such

  13. She’s still looking that young wow, that’s great

  14. The trouser is fair still look good

  15. You look good

  16. Jeans ring trouser. As old as she’s, she still wanna slay.

  17. fashion is on fire

  18. This one is jean-string ooo

  19. Fashion or madness

  20. Lol. Very funny of her.

  21. For her mind now she’s hot

  22. Nigeria slay queens… they will start playing with this now

  23. This one is madness oh. Is there no sense of dignity anymore. Tomorrow our slay queens will copy that one too

  24. Wow, you are so cute

  25. This madness . It’s not fashion . That’s trashy

  26. For her to dress like that it does not make sence at all.god have mercy she does not know what she is doing.

  27. Can this be call fashion

  28. This is a showcase of celebrity her fans.

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