Judge Walks Out Of Trial After Watching Video Of Man Raping 2-Year-Old Child.

A convicted child rapist Jason Daron Mizner was supposed to be sentenced in the Brisbane District Court on Tuesday but it was put off until Friday because the judge was so shaken by footage of a paedophile raping a two-year-old girl.

Justice Leanne Clare said she viewed a portion of one of the dozens of rape tapes and found it ‘very confronting’, and needed a break to ensure a fair sentence.

‘I think it would be best to put some distance between the viewing of that tape and the delivery of the judgment so that it does not overwhelm the sentence,’ she said.

The prosecution wants the 44-year-old jailed for life over the more than 60 child sex crimes towards the toddler he has pleaded guilty to.

His vile acts dating back to the early 2000s included more than 30 counts of rape and videotaping the assaults.

Mizner’s lawyers argued his sentence should be reduced because he suffered ‘torture’ the last time he was in prison for a different crime.

The court was told Mizner, who was 31 at the time of the assaults, formed a relationship with the Australian girl’s mother, before committing the offences over a number of months.

While he was on a holiday in Thailand, the girl’s mother found videos he had made and a range of other unrelated child exploitation material.

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  1. He suppose to be killed immediately. 2 years old for that matter

  2. Yes of course

  3. What kind of life is this for him

  4. That’s wickedness

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