Julian Zepeda Tucson death: How Julian Zepeda death happened

Julian Zepeda Tucson death: Julian Diego Zepeda has sadly passed away. He died today Friday May 24, 2019 after graduating from Tucson High School last night.

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Julian Zepeda Tucson death:

Julian’s tragic passing was announced by his heartbroken brother Robert, who wrote on Facebook:

On May 24th, 2019 at 3:04 PM.. my little brother Julian Zepeda was pronounced dead at University Medical Center… there is nothing in this world that will explain the way I’m feeling….

I just lost the half of my body… the half of my heart…and the half of my soul. I would really love the support and prayers from my friends and family.

The lord had other plans for my brother.. therefore my brother was chosen to be with god and to be with his shining army and be ready for the day our Christ Jesus will come down from the heavens and resurrect the dead to fight the evil and disgusting world we live in today..

I’m just so heart broken that my own little brother had to give up his life and stand with god instead of standing here with us tonight celebrating his graduation with god in our hearts knowing that he would have had a great life to live.

Julian Zepeda my handsome little brother I pray that you rest in heaven and look down on us to protect our Zepeda family.

I promise to never forget you for you are my little brother. I love you so much kid… you don’t know what I’d do to get you back. 😪❤️

Another touching tribute from his sister-inlaw, Monique:

Rest In Peace to my brother in law Julian Diego Zepeda.
Please help keep our family in your prayers. And pray that we find the person who killed him…
He just graduated high school yesterday and didn’t get to even experience the potential of his life.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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