Juliet Ibrahim reveals why she broke up with Iceberg Slim

Ghanaian actress,Juliet Ibrahim has personally confirmed her relationship with Nigerian rapper,Iceberg Slim is over.

Speaking at an event in Ghana, she said

I made it clear I was single .I am single.

When asked he should be questioned for going back on his promise(to be with her forever), she insinuated, she left the relarionship herself

You don’t need to go for anybody.I carried myself.(laughs)When you are in love,you do crazy things and things happen.

When asked if cheating was the reason for their split,she said

I don’t know because they say and I hear all sorts of things but people close to me know what happened. I wouldn’t say because no matter what I respect the people that I have been with. We broke up on a mutual term,” she said.

Aked if she regrets the relationship,she said

You are not supposed to regret anything in life.You are supposed to learn, take it as a lesson.

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  1. I was thinking she is a Nigerian until now

  2. That’s normal thing

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