Kanye West Donates $150k To Family Of Hero Chicago Security Guard Killed By Police

Kanye West has donated $150,000 to the heartbroken family of Chicago security guard who police shot dead after they mistook him as a shooter.

Security guard Jemel Roberson was shot dead on Sunday morning by Police after responded to a shooting inside a bar in Illinois, Chicago, and thought he was the gunman, despite people screaming that he was innocent.

The 26-year-old security guard was working at the bar, and intervened when an argument erupted and someone started shooting. He managed to apprehend the suspected gunman and was holding him down at gunpoint for Police to come arrest the shooter. But when police arrived at the scene, a white officer shot and killed Mr. Roberson instead.

According to TMZ, the 41-year-old rapper decided to donate $150,000 to the family of the murdered man.
A GoFundMe site set up with an original goal of $10,000 was plummeted with the support of Kanye who made10 donations of $15,000 each early on Friday evening.

As of Friday night, the page showed $302,890 raised of a new $150,000 goal.
After the sudden death of the security, a witness Adam Harris told Chicago television station WGN : Roberson ‘had somebody on the ground with his knee in back, with his gun in his back, like, ‘Don’t move,”

‘Everybody was screaming out, ‘Security!’ He was a security guard,’ Harris said, but police ‘saw a black man with a gun, and basically killed him.’
On Tuesday, Illinois state police confirmed they were investigating a white officer over the fatal shooting of the ‘brave’ black security guard who had apprehended a suspected gunman at a bar outside Chicago, officials said.

The officer was placed on administrative leave after the incident, which took place in the early hours of Sunday at Manny’s Blue Room Lounge in the town of Robbins, 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of the Midwestern city.

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  1. Wow That Very Good

  2. Thanks to kanye

  3. Nice one Kanye. Good job

  4. Good gesture from you kanye

  5. Good gesture

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    nice of him

  7. So thoughtful of Kanye

  8. Not bad sha

  9. That nice of him

  10. Police are to

  11. Police are too quick to crack their guns and shot. It happens almost all time. Thanks to Kenya West that made the donation and God bless the persons who donated

  12. Thanks kanye for your generosity

  13. The police man just wasted the life of the brave security guard… Rip to him and a big thank you to Kanye for his generosity

  14. What a waste!! Thanks Kanye for your donation

  15. Thats great

  16. Thanks for that you gonna scale more greater high

  17. So sad how they always see blacks as thieves.

  18. He really deed well by helping the family… God bless him

  19. u are bless for that

  20. He did good thing but it can’t revive the dead

  21. this is a good development

  22. The gentleman will receive his reward from God one day, with his great support to the deceased family. Weldone bros.

  23. That’s so kind of him

  24. Thanks to Kanye West

  25. Nice one Kanye West but no amount of money can bring the young man back to life. I believe the white cop shot him so fast because he was a black guy

  26. This matter has to be fully investigated

  27. Thanks for Kanye West,
    God will bless him.

  28. My the soul of the innocent guard rest in peace and may God bless you are those who showed concern about him

  29. My his soul rest in peace, God bless for being a cheerful giver

  30. Good one Kanye west

  31. Very generous of him

  32. Kanye is so kind heart . It was so thoughtful of him donating to the family and I hope it was not politically motivated

  33. That’s very good

  34. wow,tnx u sir for generosity. God replenish ur pocket IJN AMEN

  35. Wow that is good from him may God bless him

  36. Kanye did well for his kind gesture to the berieved family

  37. Very kind of you

  38. Very thoughtful of you. God bless you

  39. I don’t know why police don’t listen to people before the pull the bulte. I pray the family should be strong. And God bless u for such love and care.

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