Kemi Adetiba Shares Her Harrowing Experience At Murtala Muhammed International Airport

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 Living in Nigeria is such a frustrating experience that we wonder how many of us get by in spite of the wahala. Kemi Adetiba shared her harrowing experience at the Murtala Muhammed International airport, and it is annoyingly relatable.

Ace filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba narrated her experience at the hands of crooked airport officials on her Twitter page, and it’s as messy as you can imagine. Anyone who has used a Nigerian airport knows how some of the officials shake down passengers for money.

On her way back from delivering a keynote speech in Paris, Kemi was harassed by airport officials who wanted to extort her for no reason at all. On top of the unwarranted search conducted on her luggage, one of the officials also refused to address her – and instead talked to her male companion.

Women who have had altercations with Nigerian men can relate to this. In this brazen display of sexism, a typical Nigerian man refuses to speak to a woman, a person like him, either because he “has her type in his house” or “he would rather speak to a man like himself”. At any rate, Kemi made her way out of the airport without dropping a penny.

In the words of Chinua Achebe, “Being a Nigerian is abysmally frustrating and unbelievably exciting”. Granted, we have Jollof rice, Afrobeats and small chops to keep us happy on good days. However, when Nigeria decides to strike, no amount of international goodwill or delicious food can help. Now, add in the misogyny of our widely sexist society to the mix, and you have the recipe for living a nightmare.

Kemi is not the first to experience this, and we hope the responsible parastatals reign in their officers. Well, this is Nigeria sha, we won’t hold our breaths.

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  1. This is Nigeria ma’am,what do you expect,we are use to it here

  2. I love your boldness

  3. The boldness is there

  4. This is Nigeria

  5. It is good that you were not intimidated

  6. Most people don’t talk because they don’t want to miss their ✈

  7. Aunty kemi
    Don’t mind dem

  8. This nonsense must stop in this country. Corrupt people everywhere.

  9. any thing is possible this country

  10. What an harrowing experience

  11. Small things like this should be keept secrete!!!

  12. She might be right

  13. Is not everything possiable in country we have to work hard

  14. It happens take heart

  15. Things like that do happen

  16. You won’t blame them kemmi, it’s the Nigerian system.

  17. Comfort is missing almost in all our doings including Bank Transactions

  18. Nigeria still has a long way to go

  19. Wow, what an experience, funny and laughable

  20. This is a real Nigerian citizen kemi I love your style you are always bold and out spoken

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