Kidnappers aof Zamfara Twin Sjsters Reduce Ransom To N15m

The kidnappers of 16-year-old Zamfara twin sisters have reduced the ransom to N15m, also threatening to kill one of the girls if payment is not made on time.

Hassana and Hussaina, whose wedding was slated for December, were abducted at their elder sister’s residence in Dauran village in Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State. They had visited their sister, Summaya, 20, in preparation for their wedding. Their father, Alhaji Abubakar Yusuf, said the kidnappers had initially demanded N150 million.

A family member, Ibrahim Abubakar, who spoke with the kidnappers and the twins on phone said the kidnappers had reduced the ransom to N15million. He said;

“We are only able to get N6m selling our properties and receiving contributions from family members, politicians, traders and ordinary people,”
In an audio clip that had since gone viral on Facebook, one of the twin sisters, Hussaina was heard sobbing, complaining about maltreatment and appealing for help.

“I am battling with headache. We are in dire situation, they are about to kill us,” Hussaina sobbed. The beat us every morning. Please help rescue us. Even yesterday, they slaughtered some people in our presence. We are starving. Please get contributions even from the general public.”
But one of the abductor cut in, saying the call would be the last he would make with the twins as they failed to deliver the ransom.

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  1. Are this people serious at all ? This so getting too much . 15 million is not a cheap money

  2. God will surely help them… The money they are asking for is too much

  3. 15milloin is still big money please let them just release her

  4. Lord pls save them

  5. Nawa o
    Dey shld pls release d small girls

  6. It’s still much abeg

  7. 15 million is too much, they should have reduced it further more to 10 million or lesser

  8. So the security could not work with telecommunication to trap this people that is so bad 15 million is not a joke o may God provide for them

  9. 15milion is not a small money

  10. God take control

  11. God will surely help them and the kidnappers will be exposed

  12. Let us pray for grace in this country

  13. May God help our country

  14. Hmmmmmm I just don’t understand what I’d happening in our country again, 15million c’mon where from I pray God help you raise that huge amount

  15. May God save them from their hand, and government should something about this.

  16. May God save us from the wicked snares

  17. They get mind ooooo.God protect this girls

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