Kim Kardashian brands ex Ray J a ˜pathological liar™ after he released supposed new details of their intimate life

Kim Kardashian-West took to twitter to calmly slam her ex and sex-tape partner Raj J after the latter, in a new interview, revealed supposed new details of their intimate sex life.Ray J, who is also married and has a child, claims that Kim was obsessed with makeup during their sex marathons and loved cristal champagne. Kardashian has now responded, referring to him as a pathological liar.The post Kim Kardashian brands ex Ray J a pathological liar after he released supposed new details of their intimate life appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. I don’t have any business with kim. They should mind their business

  2. controversies every where. thought they re married? why going back to the past again?

  3. I wonder why both are exposing themselves now. I don’t even care cos it’s non of my business

  4. These people call Kim always want us to talk about them while they enjoy their private life, please they should go to hell

  5. That one us thier business

  6. The guy did not try

  7. Is not really a good thing

  8. Who bother what between them

  9. That’s his business

  10. is the are own problem

  11. This isn’t my business.

  12. that is Kim’s problem

  13. That’s their problem

  14. Kim always on d news

  15. Just cooked up story

  16. That it is their own business

  17. That’s there business

  18. It is there life… Make them enjoy am

  19. It’s non of my business

  20. That’s your personal business

  21. They should mind their business

  22. they should open more of their secrets for us abeg

  23. Why will he do that real men don’t

  24. Too bad but such is life with relationships stew lie also so what

  25. Well story for the day. Nest

  26. Celebrities life is alway complicated. So Kim…thats the way it goes

  27. It’s not good

  28. Hun It’s not good

  29. who is that ogechi sef? look like she get mouth sha. i dont even know the ex they’re talking about cos i dont follow the kardashians. i wont let anyone shove their family issue up my ass

  30. Minding my business

  31. they should Mind their business

  32. I will do same if I’m her.

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