Kupe Boys Arrives Nigeria For A Show In Abuja

The popular dance group, Kupe Boys arrive Nigeria for an event that has sent the social media agog. Before their arrival, lots of Nigerian ladies had anticipated their coming into the country.

The Kupe Boys turned social media and the hearts of ladies topsy-turvy, after they did the #kupechallenge, which immediately went even more viral than the song in itself.

The genesis of all this frenzy began when the 4 cute guys decided to make a video of themselves choreographing to the Kupe song, and before we could say jack, the Kupe fever had spread like wildfire.

Since then ladies have not stopped drooling and talking about them. Well, they are now in Abuja!

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  1. That’s lovely picture

  2. Very lovely welcome

  3. Welcome to our small London.

  4. Thanks for coming

  5. This guys will cause comotion

  6. Welcome to Nigeria

  7. I wish them them well in their upcoming show

  8. Kupe my man welcome to Niger.

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