Lady Arrested For Torturing Her 4-year-old Stepdaughter

One Mrs Jennifer Dikeocha has been arrested for allegedly inflicting injuries on her four-year-old stepdaughter, Stephanie Dikeocha, a pupil of Royal Peters International Academy, Mowe, Ogun State

The Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, in a statement, said the arrest of the stepmother was as a result of complaints lodged at Mowe Police Station by Stephanie’s teacher.

Oyeyemi said: “The teacher complained that she has been noticing the reluctance of the girl to go home after closing and that the girl was in the habit of crying whenever it was time for her to go home.

She further explained that she discovered that the girl came to the school that morning looking very sick and when she tried to feel her body temperature, the girl shouted in pain which prompted her to check her body and found lacerations all over her.

On the strength of the report, the DPO of Mowe Division, Francis Ebhuoma, detailed detectives to follow the girl to their house, where the stepmother was promptly arrested.

The Abia State-born woman disclosed to the Police that the mother of the girl died while giving birth to her and that she got married to the girl’s father in 2016.

When questioned about the reason for her wickedness to the innocent girl, she had no reasonable answer to give.”

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  1. She deserves to be punished she’s wicked. Some people are just so wicked

  2. Can you imagine some step mothers are devil incarnate

  3. Very wicked woman

  4. wicked woman

  5. The rate of wickedness employed by stepmothers today is becoming alarming,,,, torturing her stepdaughter will pay her no good,,if it was to be her own blood will she do same?

  6. She should be put behind bars

  7. Let her face the law

  8. That is wickness

  9. This is child abuse . The right bodies should take the case over and ensure she is dealt with

  10. She don’t have points that’s very odd

  11. She shld be punished accordingly

  12. Wicked witch imagine her torturing this little innocent girl

  13. I don’t she have conscience at all

  14. Why must u do that but u are still her mum

  15. see the wickedness of man

  16. It’s jealous that is disturbing her. After all you didn’t meet the mother at home no rival between two of you why maltreating the innocent child. The police should please take necessary action so that she will not frustrate the life of this young girl.

  17. some women are heartless

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