Lady called out for not being married at 33 has a profound reply for her critics

A Twitter user celebrated her birthday two days ago and revealed her age but people felt it was inappropriate that she was unmarried at 33 and they criticized her for it.”33years no ring SMH,” @EnergyGod4 tweeted at her.”@33 you are already getting old dear, go and get married please,” @Abaeat_laliga wrote. Another Twitter user wrote: “I can’t find a ring on those fingers, just saying ni oo.”  And the criticisms kept rolling in until the Twitter user shut them all up with a tweet.She wrote:No one talked about How I sponsored my kid sis through university n I am still footing her bills presently as she’s doing her masters.How I sent myself to University as wellHow I am a dope baker.But they’re saying my life is miserable because i am not married at 33 The post Lady called out for not being married at 33 has a profound reply for her critics appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. That’s her choice nobody can choose for her

  2. They are not God for them to say when to marry

  3. Some People Are So ridiculous, so being 33 is now a problem for a lady? Na wa o

  4. You guys should go and propose to her nao
    You won’t mind your businesses

  5. There is no shop where you can work into and order for a husband

  6. They are not God so don’t listen to them

  7. Correct reply babe. Dont mind them. As if they are married sef

  8. You don’t rush marriage it will happen at its own time

  9. Marriage is not a game for children, when she decides she will marry

  10. Does it mean she’s too old to get married. People can’t mind their business

  11. It is better to be single and sane than married and being driven to insanity by failed marriage. My sister take your time and marriage your own o.

  12. That no ones believe,she has what she was going through

  13. people cannot just mind their business

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