Lady Finds Her Best friend In Boyfriend’s House After Insulting His Manhood

A lady who insulted her boyfriend’s mother and further claimed that his ‘ manhood is small’, has cried out after she found her best friend in her boyfriend’s house.

According to the distraught lady, she found her best friend cleaning her boyfriend’s house in a shirt she bought him. She further revealed that the gateman was ordered to push her out like a ‘thief’.

Read her text below;

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  1. Love and cheating are together

  2. I will say you are at fault for insulting him in the first place

  3. She might want to be sure of the claim

  4. What is this again? Drama of people that were once in love..what is the best friend doing there…shameless girl…

  5. Since he is not good for you because his man hood is small then he is good for you friend ie one man food is another man poison

  6. bestie bestie…see what has happened

  7. One man’s food is another man’s poison. You ddisrespected him and he left you.

  8. What was she expecting from her best friend,it could be that her friend’s choice of dick is the small size.

  9. Funny, small dick

  10. Oluwa thank you

  11. Oluwa is involve

  12. That’s the extent how girls can be deceitful

  13. This is funny…but u also made fun of his dick na

  14. She has taken over her place, at least her friend appreciate the guy as he is.

  15. Thats some bullshit I think she is a cheater

  16. she has falling in love with him she just use that as an excuse so that u as a friend won’t know

  17. This is what happens between friends. Take heart dear

  18. thats life for you

  19. Why you dey cry,una you chase yourself away,mumu

  20. Dis z serious

  21. ThT is how will loose guys for life

  22. She is your best friend indeed

  23. Una too like prick abeg

  24. She is a betrayer not a friend

  25. Hmmm why wil she insult his boy friend manhood in the first placeb

  26. love is the bro of cheating

  27. Shebi deres love in sharing na

  28. Backstabbers everywhere

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