Lady Shares Emotional Encounter With Soldier In Lagos

A Nigerian lady identified as Nireti has shared her encounter with a Nigerian soldier, Joshua Ishaya in Marina bridge during women marathon in Lagos.

Sharing a photo of herself and the soldier, she wrote;

“I met @joshua.ishaya.90 today while stuck on Marina bridge during the women marathon and he proved that there are still a few good men in the force. Not only was he concerned about the welfare of my children, he also stayed with my car while I went with the children and their nanny to look for a cab to take them home. I walked for almost 30 minutes down apongbon bridge and by the time I was done, cars had started moving. I ran all the way back up because I had a thousand and one “what if” running through my mind. I got to the car and @joshua.ishaya.90 was right beside my car waiting for me to come back while his mates had left with their car. He didn’t want anything from me, he said he had to keep his promise. He had been at the fore front of the boko haram war and he showed me his war scars. He was shot, he had another scar on his head from an IED. His brother was killed when the terrorists attaced their base. I asked him why they both joined the force and he said they loved it . His dad is also a retired soldier. I really appreciate you officer and thank you for your service to Nigeria and to me. God bless you real good.”

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  1. The Nigeria soldiers are really trying

  2. Nice one, good people still exist. Kind hearted soldier

  3. That’s a sweet story

  4. Wow in any job there are those that will still adore theres no matter how tough it is and that’s because they love what they do, nigeriearmy in general we pray for more safety and protection

  5. i think the guy we not cheat on her

  6. That is nice meaning there are still good people in the force

  7. Wow this is nice there are still good people in the force

  8. Men that keeps to promise like Joshua are rare and great

  9. God will surely bless the soldier

  10. This story is very interestin, and the are good soliders in the force.

  11. this story is double sided he didnt help a man helping a woman they knows what they are doing

  12. That is good which means truly there are still some good one in the Nigeria force

  13. nice one for you

  14. once in a time its good

  15. Somehow interesting

  16. Seriously we still have good once among them

  17. This is nice that means good soldies stil exit

  18. There are still gud soldiers

  19. It is good to know that there are still some good people out there

  20. God will bless him for his kindness.

  21. Not all soldier are bad

  22. Wow,He’s a nice guy.So there are still good guys in the military.

  23. So nice of him

  24. A kind hearted soldier. Very rare to find. God bless him and preserve his life

  25. That’s good of him

  26. God bless you bro Joshua

  27. Soldiers have feelings too and they are human

  28. The story shows that among the bad there is always the good

  29. The good once are still out there and they will never finished.

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