Maggots Gush Out Of A Ladies Private Part After Having Sex With A Yahoo Plus Guy

A Video has been going viral since today of a slay queen who’s private part was dripping Maggots after having sex with a suspected Yahoo plus guy..

A WhatsApp user shared the video on his status and dropped a warning for ladies to be carefully of who they hang out with or have sex with..

He also added that ladies should equally be careful on how the display their panties.. In his own words ” If you know you’re done with them or.they are old, burn them. He said..

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  1. Mind who you call your friend

  2. Ladies be careful

  3. Stop fornication you won’t hear

  4. Ladies be careful who you follow, who you open legs for any how because of money. Days are evil.

  5. Wonders shall never end. Enough warning for young girls

  6. Girls should be careful oo

  7. That’s serve her right

  8. Girls should be wise most especially now

  9. So sad…bt it good for er

  10. I pity her condition

  11. They never listen, now seed result

  12. It is as a result of fornicating with men for money

  13. forming slay queen now she go rest.

  14. ouch…people should be really careful especially the girls…

  15. That should be a lesson to all ladies

  16. Because of money see wea she meet herself

  17. Men are wicked. All because of money

  18. We all need to be careful

  19. For the love of money

  20. too bad to hear ladies be careful

  21. Go for prayers before it is too late

  22. God save her so she can be a tool in the vineyard

  23. Ladies,keep pussy for your future husbands…stop killing your destinies

  24. Good for her…. Gold digger

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