Male Teacher Assaults Playful Student In Delta (Pics)

A teacher identified as Mr. Clem, has left his student with severe body injuries after flogging him.

The incident happened at Classical International School, Warri, Delta State. According to reports, the JSS 1 student was flogged for doing “staring competition” with his friend.

It was gathered that that was not the first time the Chemistry teacher would be doing such. Those in the know claimed that it’s been ongoing for about 6 years.

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  1. The school still kept such teacher?

  2. So bad mr teacher


  3. The beaten is too much for the boy

  4. I know children can be So stubborn but we just need to understand that they are kids

  5. Did we still have this type of teachers in school

  6. This is really serious oh

  7. Do,this to my child and see me in action. Haba!!

  8. That’s very bad

  9. He won’t get it easy with he’s parents

  10. This is too much,they don’t deserve to be beating everyone’s kid

  11. Where was the school authority the teacher should be punish

  12. what a barbaric act

  13. The teacher should be punished by the school authority

  14. wicked teacher of the day, but what could be the problem.

  15. wicked teacher of the day, but the teacher is wicked.

  16. This is a maltreatment,This teacher must be sanction

  17. The man ought to be fired or better still arrested

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