Man accused of sexually abusing secondary school student summoned to the palace – Alaafin of Oyo’s wife, Olori Ola

Olori Olaitan, the youngest wife of the Alaafin of Oyo has summoned the man who has been accused of sexually abusing a secondary school student, to the palace for questioning.¬†¬†Recall that Olaitan, last Friday, shared a heartbreaking note by the victim alleging that her neighbour has been molesting her but her parents didn’t believe her. Read hereThe post Man accused of sexually abusing secondary school student summoned to the palace – Alaafin of Oyo’s wife, Olori Ola appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. God have mercy

  2. More reasons why parents should be very close to theirs children mostly female ones

  3. God have money for us

  4. This world is turning into something else,parents close monitoring for your children oh

  5. She worth to called

  6. Rape is too common in Yoruba land , why

    1. Not only Yoruba land. It’s everywhere entirely

      1. Yeah, just that most time the report come from that side. God help us

        1. Yeah I know you are right. Only God can help

  7. What could be the reason why some people indulge in such act

  8. If it is this person am seeing in picture that is one abused asexually, what of the people she has also abused asexually

  9. Rape is not good

  10. He should be deal with thank God for Alafin wife

  11. Some people are shameless

  12. Things are happening in this country oh

  13. Some people are shameless

  14. This rape thing is becoming something that needs to be addressed urgently

  15. this issue of molesting is now becoming normal habit

  16. why do people finds it joy engaging in such act?

  17. Why do all these men like secondary school girls

  18. Only God can help

  19. Let the law have it’s course.

  20. That man must be severally punished

  21. She’s really done well

  22. Why are some people so heartless

  23. God have Mecry

  24. even in the school?

  25. Rape everywhere! Konji na bastard

  26. Some people there heartless

  27. the gods have heard it and the man will be punished accordingly. who knows how many girls who couldnt speak up he has defiled

  28. Old man respect you self

  29. Ensure justice is served

  30. it’s well. things are happening. more reason parents need to b close to their children

  31. men with their shameless act

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