Man Arrested After Robbing His Manhood Against A Female Singer (Photos)

A man has been arrested after singer Natasha Hamilton claimed she was sexually assaulted on a train. Natasha, 36, said a male passenger rubbed his manhood against her as she travelled home from a day out in London.

Transport cops launched an investigation after she tweeted a picture of her alleged attacker.
She said he “pushed his p£nis” against her on the late night train from London Bridge to Elmstead Woods, south east London earlier this month.

Today police revealed a 46-year-old man was arrested and questioned on suspicion of sexual assault.
He was later released but remains under investigation.
Singer Natasha, originally from Liverpool, took to Twitter to reveal her ordeal.
She wrote: “This vile excuse of a man just had his penis pushed up against me while on this overground train from London Bridge heading to Elmstead Woods.

“I thought it was a bag until I felt him heavy breathing down my neck. I am appalled and calling the transport police when I get off.”
She later told her 162,000 followers: “Honestly I am shaking and feel so violated now.
“But more than anything I am so angry. This has to stop happening to people.”
A British Transport Police spokesman today confirmed the arrest.

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  1. That irritating why would he behave like that

  2. We men suppose to be careful about this girls o. If not they will destroy tour life

  3. the man could not control his libido, now he will learn how to control it in prison

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