Man Arrested With Genitals And Other Human Parts In Awka

A 19-year-old man, Sunday Owo, was caught with a bottle of blood, severed genitals, and the fingers of a four-year-old boy in Awka.

Sunday, from Emeziaka, Mgbo, in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, was referred to a spiritual house in Awka by one Ms Blessing Eze. There, Sunday was allegedly told to get the body parts of a child for money rituals.

The ritualist was able to get the items but was apprehended before he could hand it over to the spiritual house.
Owo confessed that the victim whose parts he had was about four years and that he killed him in a stream in his town and threw the head and other parts into the stream.

“She brought me here two days ago and said that madam instructed her to tell me to bring body parts that I will have money.

“Her name is Blessing; she is also from Ebonyi state, but she said we can’t get these parts here, so we went back to Ebonyi state where I got it and brought it here.
“I don’t know where blessing is now. I paid her N50, 000 for linking me up,” he said.

The police at the scene arrested the man, and the Police Public Relations Officer of the Anambra command, Superintendent of Police Mohammed Haruna, said that investigation in the matter had commenced.

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  1. He must nt go unpunished

  2. All because of money

  3. Bad man, he should be killed, no mercy for him

  4. He will face the wrath of the law

  5. Rituals. God have mercy

  6. What a wicked world.

  7. Money ritual. Too bad

  8. My good God!

  9. They should jail him for that

  10. F**k d useless man

  11. all this because is money?? men have sold there conscience

  12. Evil that men do live with them… God will catch all of you

  13. Just for money people are too wicked he deserves to be punished for his foolish act.

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