Man Born Without Joystick Given ₦18million Artificial Joystick, Had Sex

A man born without a joystick has lost his virginity aged 45 thanks to a bionic manhood made from his own skin.

Andrew Wardle, from Manchester, had a £50,000 10hours penile implant operation at University College Hospital London in June but had to wait six weeks before he could have sex for the first time.

Andrew, pictured in hospital, successfully underwent the final stage of a £50,000 penile implant operation at London’s University Hospital and has been given the all clear to at last lose his virginity at the age of 45.

In a remarkable operation, doctors built his new joystick from the skin, muscles and nerves in Andrew’s left arm, pictured, and a vein in his leg.

He was born with a condition called bladder exstrophy, said he will take a fertility test to see if they can conceive and they will adopt if he can’t.

As a child Andrew underwent a surgical procedure to create an artificial opening known as a stoma in his urinary system.

He had countless operations to build a tube from his bladder so he could pass water normally and suffered from kidney problems

Source: Daily Mail UK


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