Man Calls Out Apple After His iPhone X Allegedly Exploded During Software Update

APPLE is investigating reports than an iPhone X has exploded, after one user claimed on Twitter that his smartphone heated up and started giving off smoke while he was updating its software.

This wouldn’t be the first time that an iPhone X has suffered overheating problems, and in concert with Apple’s recent admission that the smartphone’s touchscreen doesn’t work properly, they question the tech giant’s usually strong reputation for producing reliable hardware.

Pictures accompanying his tweet reveal a smashed and charred-looking iPhone X, while subsequent posts from Mohamad explain that the device “just started sparking off and smoking.”
In response to his tweet, Apple Support replied, “That’s definitely not expected behavior. DM us, so we can look into this with you.”

And in a follow-up tweet from yesterday, Rahel Mohamad revealed that he’d sent the phone to Apple for “further investigation,” since he wasn’t able to get appointment with one of the tech company’s stores until next week.
Mohamad’s account of what happened therefore hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is consistent with recent iPhone X news.

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  1. it’s a warning for everybody

  2. It a great warning for those people running after IPhone, We should mind the phone we buy this day, Technology is getting out of hand.

  3. Over charging could be the cause

  4. You shouldn’t have done the upgrading

  5. Apple shld compensate him accordingly

  6. This is a call for everyone to be careful, Apple needs to pay him a compensation money

  7. Lmao gbese re oooooo

  8. Let them find what I’d responsible for that

  9. this is a good article

  10. E Don day overheated

  11. Apple should look into such situation vividly and see what the problem is to avoid future occurrence. It might spoil there market name if such problem persist.

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