Man caught sleeping with daughter – Says he needed more children

The Police in Lagos have arrested a 35-year-old man, identified as Michael Igbaniba in the Agege area of the state sleeping with daughter for almost two years.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Chike Oti, a Chief Superintendent of Police, CSP confirmed the arrest, adding that suspect was arrested after his teenage daughter, who could no longer bear the sexual abuse, reported the matter to the police on Sunday., Daily Post reports.

The unnamed victim told the police that her father had her when he was 20 years old and out of wedlock.

She said:

“He went to pick me from my mother after getting married to another woman without any child.

“My father started sleeping with me immediately I moved into the house, initially, he said he would stop paying my school fees if I refused to sleep with him or if I told anyone.

“I reluctantly allowed him because of my love for education until I could not bear it anymore and also because I was ashamed to reveal it to anybody because he is my father.”

The Police stated that during investigations, it was discovered that the 15-year-old was pregnant, but the pregnancy was aborted with the assistance of her father.

According to the police:

“She reported the issue of the abortion to her church Pastor but was stopped from going to church by her father.”

During interrogation, the suspect admitted to have been sleeping with his daughter.

He said:

“I did it because I wanted more children. I was advised by friends to bring her to live with me and my wife, because of our inability to have a child since we got married.

“By the time she came to live with us, my wife did not get pregnant.

“The same friends advised I slept with my daughter that my wife would get pregnant in the process.”

The PPRO added that suspect was being interrogated at the Family Unit of Isokoko Division.

He said:

“The Commissioner of Police has ordered a thorough investigation into the matter.

“The suspect would be prosecuted if found culpable at the end of investigation, the teenager has been taken into protective custody.”

Source: Lailasnews


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  1. This is incredible

  2. Y is issue like this much in our society recently

  3. D man is possesd

  4. Very bad of him

  5. that is too bad

  6. This country sha

  7. Dis world z cumin to an end

  8. may thunder destroy his manhood, this man is more wicked than the devil

  9. He needed more kids na con d pinkin go bring more kids he man need prayer

  10. He needed more kids na con d pinkin go bring more kids he man need prayer w should betwr learn from his mistake nd d child should be taken from him

  11. Abomination

  12. u need more kids so that why u have to sleep with your blood. they should jail him and thought the keys away

  13. Even if he needs more children he shouldnt sleep with his own daughter

  14. Total madness

  15. he is evil not that he needs more child

  16. You were advised by friends? So can tell you to hurt your daughter?you need help

  17. This man need to b jailed

  18. God save us,how can a man sleep with his own child

  19. is not good

  20. This is wickedness of the highest order

  21. Dis world is almost rounding up, may God deliver us b4 itz will too late

  22. What an abomination. This is more than a fool. How can a friend advice you to do such evil things and you foolishly agreed.

  23. That’s an abomination. He should face the law

  24. Madness! So, U’re so Senseless that u believed sleeping with Ur own daughter will make Ur wife get pregnant?! Enemies don finally get u

  25. This is disheartening…..

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