Man Caught Stealing Female Panties In Imo

A man was severely beaten, today, after being nabbed, red-handed, stealing female panties in Imo State.

The suspect allegedly left his town, Obowo, and went, all the way, to Umuokoro community to perpetrate the act. However, he is yet to reveal the motive behind his action.

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  1. Ladies be warn

  2. This is really bad

  3. I blame those that spread it outside

  4. They must interrogate him well ritualist plenty o

  5. Nigeria boys God’s time is always the best why not wait for your time

  6. Jesus this mam must be an occultic man

  7. Chai maybe the man wants to use it for rituals

  8. Idiot,he want to go and sell it for rituals

  9. He must have been delusionally unstable mentally

  10. That’s very bad. Please all girls should becarefull now because their using those underwear for rituals

  11. He would go back and sell them

  12. this is disgusting…..

  13. What could be his motive behind the action you don’t know,maybe he is hungry,lack and want can make you do anything stupid,but that’s very bad if him anyway

  14. So bad of him…all in the name of money

  15. His target will be those living in a compound without a fence or face me i face you.May God help us oh!Where do ladies hang these things now?they need heat from the sun to avoid What? This guy needs to or us to know what he is up to.

  16. for rituals I guest

  17. This has been going on in a while now… Please ladies stop spreading your underwears outside

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