Man Caught Stealing Female Panties In Imo

A man was severely beaten, today, after being nabbed, red-handed, stealing female panties in Imo State.

The suspect allegedly left his town, Obowo, and went, all the way, to Umuokoro community to perpetrate the act. However, he is yet to reveal the motive behind his action.

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  1. Nawa ooo…ladies be careful

  2. Ladies please be careful

  3. He should be arrested

  4. He won use ham do ritual

  5. What rubbish you are a disgrace to man hood

  6. He want to use it for money ritual that’s their techniques now

  7. This country is just full of daily life drama,or is he planning to sell or wear

  8. What for?Ladies be careful. Aside this it is dangerous to be careless with private stuffs. Ritualists everywhere.

  9. Xmas is fast approach

  10. This is bad..and he should be punished

  11. Ladies should be careful oo

  12. This has been going on in a while now. Please ladies stop spreading your underwears outside

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