Man Commits Suicide After Girlfriend Sent Him Sex Tape Video With Another Man (Photos)

A man has ended his life after his girlfriend sent him a video of her having sex with another man.

It was gathered that the estranged girlfriend decided to mock her boyfriend and probably provoke him by recording a record with another man which she sent to him (her boyfriend), not knowing it would end in a tragic way.

According to reports, the man who couldn’t bear the heartbreak following the record of his girlfriend reportedly committed suicide by drinking a poisonous substance.

He was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

According to online reports, the shocking incident happened recently in Azua, a municipality in the Dominican Republic.

Pictures of the deceased and his estranged girlfriend have gone viral online with multiple internet users wondering why the lady decided to cause her lover’s death.

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  1. how can he do that .unbelievable

  2. That is so sad for the lady, but the guy should have acted wisely.

  3. He is in sane killed himself over a woman

  4. this is not a wise decision at all

  5. thats what love can do especially if its a true one. lust too can cause that. but women though

  6. why will a kill man kill himself because of a ladies that there are alot of ladies out there

  7. A Yoruba adage says “if a man dies bcos of a lady thousands of lady will pass by his grave” that’s what will be applied to that of this man.

  8. Suicide is never an option

  9. suicide is never an option

  10. Kill yourself over a man?

  11. Kill yourself over a woman?

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