Man Escapes Death After Being Caught Stealing From Woman’s Bag (Pics)

A man escaped mob action after he was caught stealing from a woman in Abia state. It was gathered that the incident happened on Sunday (yesterday) as the suspect allegedly confused the woman and stole an undisclosed amount of money from her basket.

According to reports, the man told the woman to get him Dettol and a soap and while the woman was bringing the items, he used the opportunity to steal from her.

An alarm was raised and the suspect nabbed.
When the crowd wanted to descend on him, he confessed that he stole the money as he begged them for forgiveness.

His clothes were stripped off and he was finally released.

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  1. Wonders they say shall never end you’ve meet your doom

  2. He is lucky to have escaped next time he should try he’ll understand life in the other side

  3. He is so lucky

  4. He is very lucky that kill him

  5. Mob action should be prohibited

  6. He should have been dished enough lashes on his nyash

  7. Go and sin no more

  8. Yes the economy is bad but resulting into stealing is not the best option . Jungle Justice is never the answer too. Just hand him over to the police

  9. He may not be this lucky next time

  10. His parents spirit guides him

  11. Everyday for the thief one day for The owner

  12. He shld tank hi satars

  13. there’s no hiding place for the wicked

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