Man Get Visas To 3 Countries After He Placed His Pastor’s “Miracle Sticker” On Passport

A Malawi-based Nigerian man shared his testimony in church, claiming to have received financial miracles and travel opportunity after he put a sticker given to him by a pastor on his international passport.

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“A Malawian based Nigerian man gave a powerful testimony of the miracle stickers. He received a prophecy 2 weeks ago and Bishop Stephen Mwila Gave him a sticker with a miracles towel and promised that he will open up financial doors and travels him.

He believed the man of God and he went and put sticker in his passport. Today he came with powerful testimony with Approved visas of 3 countries .

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  1. Congratulations….God yaf answered ur prayers

  2. Hmmm this is Nigeria, we are always hearing different things from the media

  3. He is very lucky that his God is always good.happy for him

  4. Congrats brother,genuine miracles are still happening.

  5. This is faith at work. If someone without faith try to put same stickers on his or her passport and do not have faith it will not work.

  6. God answer your prayer

  7. Congratulations to you

  8. God still works wonders through faith

  9. Wow this avery big testimony

  10. Congratulations on the miracles hoping this is true and not doctored.also hope you believe more in God and not your pastor who is just a man used by God based on your faith

  11. Thank God for his life

  12. Isn’t that funny?

  13. Congratulations

  14. Wow I’m happy for him

  15. God is still God.

  16. that really impossible…. idomt believe this

  17. Hmmm. That’s a strong miracle

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