Man Reveals How F-SARS Shot Him In The Leg During Arrest

A man has revealed to a presidential panel how an officer attached to the Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad, shot him in the leg during arrest.

The aluminium fabricator, Adetiba Sunday, told the panel how Godwin Ogedengbe, shot him in the leg.

Sunday said he was not taken to the hospital after being shot in the leg, adding that none of his family members knew his whereabouts at the time.

He stated,

“When I was arrested at Ogijo, Ogedengbe shot me in the leg and took me to the Ogijo Police Station before I was transferred to Magbon in Abeokuta.

“When I was brought to the Ogijo Police Station, I met four other suspects, whom Ogedengbe asked if they knew me. One of the suspects said he knew me; when Ogedengbe asked if I knew them, I said no. My reply infuriated him as he slapped me, pushed me face down to the ground, and started kicking me on the floor.

“After four or five days at Magbon, I was brought out of the cell to write my statement, but I refused because I didn’t know what my offence was. Ogedengbe, who is an inspector of police, told me to stretch forward my second leg; he threatened to shoot at the leg if I didn’t write a statement. He later wrote the statement himself.”

The victim added, “I was in detention for about a month before I was taken to court. I was charged alongside six or seven people to court for conspiracy and cultism. I never knew these people.
“Before I was taken to court, my family searched for me.

When they could not find me, they concluded that I was dead. It was when the officers took me to my house for a search that my family members knew I was still alive.
“We attended the court proceedings about eight times before we were discharged for lack of diligent prosecution.”

Sunday told the panel that after he was discharged by the court, Ogedengbe still threatened to send him back to prison.
Ogedengbe, however, denied the allegations against him, adding that Sunday was someone that he had good a relationship with and could not have shot him.

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  1. Wow that’s so strange I think F-SARS
    Should take proper investigation before taken any Action

  2. This Fed SARS are going beyond their boundaries

  3. Plssss Fg,do something about sars

  4. Some men are heartless

  5. I hate sars with passion

  6. What as the man done to deserve this from this FSARS peoplr

  7. This SARS of a thing they are not even recognize in Nigeria

  8. Maybe because you committed one crime or the other, if you are innocent they wouldn’t have shot you

  9. They should just remove that post from the federal government I just taking laws into the hands in the house

  10. I have heard a lot of bad things about them and I wonder why they still exist

  11. Sunday should not be afraid to press charges against F-SARS. they are fully aware of the officers suspected activities

  12. What nonsense…how can the F_Sars be so calous and careless…if they cannot be careful in their operations then let them be removed jare..what are the police doing self…

  13. Sorry sir, they are bunch of criminals.

  14. Proper investigations before action

  15. Some men r heartless

  16. That is heartless

  17. Look at how someone suffers from a crime he knows not of in this country.

  18. This is shameful from sars

  19. Nigeria force are over reacting too much

  20. Sars might be heartless at times

  21. This SARS self nawa o.

  22. Very wicked criminals

  23. This people are heartless criminals . They should be arrested

  24. This SARs and their mode of operati9n just like armed robbers

  25. This SARs and their mode of operation just like armed robbers

  26. This is a sad new of the evil act our police men are partaking.

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