Man Reveals How Ritualists Now Buy Ladies’ Used Panties For Over N200,000 (Video)

A Nigerian man based in Europe has raised a loud alarm over the alleged sales of used undies of ladies for the purpose of money-making rituals.

According to his account which is contained in a video message seen online, some Nigerian youths who are desperate to make quick cash have been stealing the panties of ladies for sale to ritualists at the rate of N200,000 to N350,000.

Speaking in a local parlance, Pidgin, he said:

“Ladies have to be very very careful. Those spreading their panties in public places have to be cautious. Boys are not smiling. They are selling panties for N200,000 nowadays. The obviously used ones with permanent stains at the centre cost about N350,000. I’m passing this information because my mother is also a woman”

The bearded man urged ladies to protect their undies from their boyfriends and even their brothers to prevent any event of theft.
He also advised older ladies against sheepishly following young men with suspicious sources of income. It would be noted that internet scam popularly known as Yahoo-Yahoo has been mixed with ritualism for the purpose of experiencing windfalls at a pacy rate.

Watch a video below:

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