Man Takes Home Male Disguised As A Female In Abuja, Gets Him Arrested

A transvestite has been arrested in Abuja after a club patron took him home, thinking he was a woman, reports Dailytrust.

22-year-old Iliyasu Omika, from Kogi State but resident of Tungan Maje, Abuja, normally dresses like a woman to lure men at nightclubs in Abuja, but insists that he is not gay.

He was arrested at a brothel in Mpape on November 5, around 5am after his client raised alarm upon discovery that he was actually a man.
In an interview with newsmen, Omika said he is not a sex worker neither is he a gay. He said he dressed as a woman because he had come to Abuja to act a movie where he was casted as a lady.

Narrating how he was arrested, he said: “I was in a bar and a man saw me and asked if I was Igala (ethnic group), I said yes. He offered to buy drinks for me, but I told him I don’t take alcohol, so he bought me a soft drink.

I told him that my sisters and I were in the bar to look for jobs, but he said there were no jobs there and offered to take us to his house. .
He explained that we could stay the night and promised to give us N3,000 so we could go back to our village; so, we went with him to his house.

On getting to there, he asked my sisters to sleep with him in his bedroom, but they turned him down and chose to sleep in the living room. .
So, I slept off and the man touched my chest and upon discovering that I was a man, he called the police and I was arrested.”

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  1. Shameless man,better go and find a job

  2. Lol, this is am interesting movie

  3. The endtime gradually rounding off.

  4. Why did he go with him knowing that he’s a man?He agreed to give 3000 without getting anything from you,why didn’t you think before following him.

  5. Hahahahaha, funny news everywhere?

  6. Na waooo this is serious oo

  7. Serve the guy right ashawo

  8. This man’s story is so fake he came for act movie and at the same time he was looking for a job

  9. No be small funny news

  10. A corny man die a man burie am

  11. You can’t do evil and go scot free

  12. It’s a lesson for all those aristos man around

  13. He shouldn’t have gone with him. He agreed to give 3000 without getting anything from you,why didn’t you think before following him.

  14. The man thinks he has carried an aristo lady

  15. May he is hungry that is reason for his act

  16. This is what idleness and joblessness cause

  17. Lol. Joblessness can’t honestly cause that . He gay

  18. So thesepeople has reached naija ehh..that serves t g that took him home right.he , dey shame

  19. Very disgusting way to earn a living, shame on him

  20. This so funny, and this is movie

  21. Wonders shall never end. Funny news

  22. Why did you follow him home knowing what he wanted, I wonder the kind of movie you came to Abuja to shoot lair

  23. This is dramatic…

  24. That serves him right ashwo

  25. He is a gay, no excuse is enough.

  26. this is the sign of end world, he was just a liar, as far he knows that he was going home with him why can’t he confess or Disagree with him.

  27. these is funny , but he looks like a girl nothing way person know go hear

  28. You dressed like a woman and you also make hair like a woman so what is your aim of doing that?

  29. You went to to Abuja to act a movie Now you in even a bigger movie of all times. Good luck man!

  30. That’s good for him

  31. Lol,he must have really been disappointed when he got home

  32. what will we not see in naija

  33. people re really doing the unbelievable. so funny

  34. Movie or story? Why did you dress like a woman in the first place? And why did you not declare your identity before going or when you got there? I strongly believe he has an agenda that was truncated. And for the host, everyday for the thieve… You have been sleeping with strange ladies for money claiming that you are helping them. You only called the police because you got scared.

  35. Funny world

  36. This is laughable,a man dressed like a lady to be seen as a call her.

  37. Nawa ooooo
    Wonders shall never end

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