Man Wants Divorce After Getting Married “Blind” But Now ‘Sees’

A friend of mine happens to be in a serious dilemma, he is a Successful young man, a Muslim but Unhappily Married! The gist -.Some few years back my Buddy (Ibrahim)was fortunate to secure a Federal govt job which as we all know in naija is like hitting a jackpot! His family are quite rich and he happens to be the last born so he had so much benefits and little or no responsibilities.Dude was living large and as such was able to Conquer quite a number of ladies and you know our Naija girls, once you are a “money spender” you Automatically become their dream Man! Love of their life and all those rubbish etc.Every damn thing was good, we always balled together, i made him stop takin codeine and all this crazy syrub which I noticed most some part of Hausa’s Cherish more than their O level(dats mostly their max anyway)well I introduced him to taking proper Alchohol like Hero, legend and my ever favorite “Budweiser “!He always payed the bills coz financially he was bigger! The main problem began wen he traveled to Philippines to meet with his dad, a Consultant in Manilla, their he met Zainab who was a med practitioner. This lady drove my guy crazy! Like literally crazy! First, wen she got back to Nigeria he became more obsessed ,their was no conversation we could make without he mentioning or Linkin it to her. He was becoming bitchy! Even wen we all go out together she always had dis disdainful grimace on her face like the people around there are beneath her. Imagine ordinary Philippines naim she school (no disrespect for) dats not my headache atoll.In a nutshell, he wanted her badly and as we all know, as a Muslim its a serious taboo to lose ur virginity before marriage! Ibrahim wanted dis lady soo badly and I don’t know mayb it was her beauty cause to be honest she was glaringly radiant in beauty and very erudite in speech. or maybe twas his percievd pedigree of her, I couldn’t tell what the oomph was all about. She liked him too dou but he never took the time to understand that marriage is different from the normal menalin quest! They never kissed; touched nor romanced before he proposed which I agitated against but my friend went on with his plan and they got married. Yes! He got married Blindy and ever since Dia marriage has been more like its a hell in a cell match.First, this lady knows nothing about cooking,she can’t even cook poo! Ibrahim always have to come eat at my place after work cause according to him she only prepares indomie and Egg!Secondly she is not a playmate unlike before she doesn’t gist while watching tv or have naughty talks aside work and normal stuff like dey use to. Lastly she doesn’t flow in bed (dead wood) and my friend through me has tasted some igbo girls and we know igbo ladies are beasts in bed (we love it like da) he complains of her being too modest in bed and this is funny cause I believe he solely got married cause that was the only way he could have her. At the moment, they not on talking terms cause he doesn’t touch her anymore nor even eat her food (indomie). My friend was blind to get married with a wrong perception but I really feel for him dou he causd the drama himself. He is considering cheating on his wife at the moment just to relax his urge but I don’t support cassanovering wen one is already legally married.The wife already believes me to be the shenanigan confusing her hubby not knowing m trying to save her marriage .pls dam, Any reasonable advice would be much appreciated guys cause I really don’t know how to help out here. Tanx