Man warns shoppers after seeing vegetable sellers processing their wares in muddy stream

A Facebook user has warned shoppers after he came across vegetable sellers washing their vegetables in a dirty stream.Chidi Okoye said the women were processing bitter leaf, popularly used by Igbo women to cook bitter leaf soup, with water from a muddy stream in Awka.He shared photos online to raise awareness about the unhygienic way the vegetable was being processed and advised people who buy the already washed leaves from the market to ensure that they wash again when they go home. The post Man warns shoppers after seeing vegetable sellers processing their wares in muddy stream appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Wats ur business nah

  2. Believe me you have consumed more dirty things than this..this is the ones you’ve just seen. It’s advised that you wash thoroughly anything you buy from the market

  3. It’s only God that protects

  4. Does this mean that they don’t understand simple hygiene?This is wickedness!

  5. the more reason people are asked to wash their vegetables well with salt before use. this is really bad if thats the case. just look at how they’re busy processing it like its for throw away.

  6. Great advice

  7. This is really unhygienic, let us all watch what we put in our mouth

  8. what is his business, can’t he mind his business.

  9. So this people don’t no hygiene?

  10. There are even worse cases than this! What of the so-called bread bakeries??? You won’t want to eat any more bread if you actually witness how majority of them are being processed! Na God just dey protect us!

  11. Wash again when you get home please

  12. It’s not hygenic

  13. Is only god that can save us from this dirty country

  14. It’s not hygenic

  15. it’s not hygienic, we should all be careful pls

  16. Only God can save is children, because most of the things we buy in the market, we don’t know how they get them

  17. U are talking because u saw this one with ur eyes, what abt the ones u buy in market, do u know how they process them

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