Man Wears 15 Shirts At Airport To Avoid Paying Flight Baggage Charge

A man surprised airport staff when he was told to pay extra charge for his flight baggage, but instead he chose to wear his 15 shirts.

The man identified as John Irvine, from Scotland, was told his bag was eight kilograms too heavy and that he wasn’t allowed to check it in without paying a fee. Unwilling to waste his cash on EasyJet extra charges, he had a simple solution, Metro UK reports.

He just put on eight kilograms worth of clothes when the weather was around 30C outside. The Irvine family had been travelling back from Nice in France to Edinburgh airport when son Josh filmed his dad piling on the shirts and jumpers, and posted it on Twitter saying his dad was ‘sweating’.

His dad was ‘mortified’ at first when the video started to go viral.

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