Man who disguised as a lady to ‘deceive male clients’ caught after Abuja man took him home for ‘sex’

 Man who disguised as a lady to 'deceive male clients' caught after Abuja man took him home for 'sex'
The Abuja police command have arrested a 22-year-old man for allegedly disguising as a woman to lure men at nightclubs in Abuja. The suspect, Iliyasu Omika, a native of Kogi State who stays in Tungan Maje in Abuja, was among 15 suspects paraded by the FCT Police Command on Wednesday for allegedly luring men at nightclubs into amorous relationships while disguised as a lady. Police said he was arrested at a brothel in Mpape on November 5 around 5am “after his supposed client raised alarm upon discovery that he was actually a man and not a woman as he claimed.” When speaking with journalists, Omika denied the allegations but admitted that he met the man in a bar while he was with his sisters. He explained that the complainant offered to buy him drinks, but he turned down the offer because he does not take alcohol. According to him, he and his sisters were in the bar to look for jobs, but the man informed him that they could get employment at the bar.“I was in a bar and a man saw me and asked if I was Igala (ethnic group), I said yes. He offered to buy drinks for me, but I told him I don’t take alcohol, so he bought me a soft drink.“I told him that my sisters and I were in the bar to look for jobs, but he said there were no jobs there and offered to take us to his house. He explained that we could stay the night and promised to give us N3,000 so we could go back to our village; so, we went with him to his house” he said.“The man said my sisters should come and sleep with him, but they refused and chose to sleep in the living room. So, I slept off and the man touched my chest and upon discovering that I was a man, he called the police and I was arrested. It was at daybreak that the police came and I was taken away,” Omika added. The post Man who disguised as a lady to ‘deceive male clients’ caught after Abuja man took him home for ‘sex’ appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. That picture is not of a man looking for a job

  2. See how he look like a lady truly God have mercy

  3. May God have mercy

  4. So ridiculous

  5. God shower your mercy

  6. Poverty everywhere

  7. Boomerang at it fullest.

  8. May god have mercy

  9. Unemployment is making a lot of people venture into things that they shouldn’t be doing

  10. Phunny though the rate @which young guys find money its somehow

  11. The world is coming to an End.

  12. Why thought of being a woman in the first place ? I probably because of the state of the economy or he gay

  13. And he seriously looks like a woman, buh the truth is it is not worth the stress

  14. That serves him right

  15. Finally busted. But na condition make crayfish bend o!

  16. very funny. god has expose him

  17. One day for the tiff

  18. He looks like a lady indeeed,but nevertheless,poverty as affected him… May God have mercy on him

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