Man With Hepatitis Bites Policeman’s Finger During Arrest (Video)

A man bit a policeman’s finger in a horrific attack caught on the officer’s bodycam and West Yorkshire Police agreed to release the footage after a request from Examiner Live.

Daniel Brearley assaulted the officer in Huddersfield then hit a friend in the face with a glass as the friend tried to calm him down. He has now been jailed for three years for the assault on the policeman.

The clip released by police shows Brearley under arrest and restrained against a police car screaming obscenities at the two police officers at the scene.

The drunk thug, who had reportedly spat at officers in the past, shouted, “Have I spat?”. The officer had his hand on Brearley’s face before the suspect suddenly pushes up and bites down on the officer’s finger. The court heard the assault caused “immense pain”.

Brearley is then pushed to the floor by both officers, while the policeman wearing the bodycam can be heard shouting, “get off him now!”

Brearley, of Old Mill Mews, Elland, pleaded guilty to wounding and assault. He had 36 previous convictions for more than 60 offences on his record and at the time of the two attacks in August he was already subject to two community orders.

Brearley is a Hepatitis C sufferer. The officer he bit said he would have to undergo treatment for three months. The officer is still waiting for the all-clear from blood tests taken after the attack in August, Bradford Crown Court was told.

Watch the video below.

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  1. Bad news for the policeman.

  2. Policeman why are you behalf like that

  3. This is totally uncalled for

  4. that is bad because they are called for peace making

  5. Wtf….dis one is a human tiger o

  6. I love what he did to the police man

  7. Wow that’s very bad

  8. I hope the officer gets cured after his treatment. Brealey should pay his medical bill.

  9. What the heck!

  10. This is a very sad news. I hope the policeman is not infected oh.

  11. Hepatitis kwa he should report to the hospital straight what a wicked soul

  12. Wow this is unbelievable that man deserves to be punished more

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