Meet A Talented 13-Year-Old Nigerian Who Has Written 9 Books

As posted by a Facebook User, Ajayi Oluwabunmi Boom Boom;

“Meet Liliana Akah Akah, a budding writer. She started writing when she was ten years old. So far, she has written nine story books.

She’s writes in exercise books and design it like it is a published book (check the pictures below).

Her parents noticed her flair for
writing and they don’t want to kill that talent. She lives in the neighborhood and somehow, it got to her parents that I’m a writer. They brought her to me and the rest is history.

After having long conversations with Liliana, I
asked her what the dream is, she replied: ‘to be a popular writer’.

According to her, she feels happy when she writes a story because, she knows this is what she will do when she grows up.

Watch out for Liliana Akah(Toks). She has stories that will leave a print in the writing industry.”

This is so amazing from a 13 year old girl.